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Live Unlimited and supporting care leavers

In February 2018 Barnet Council launched a brand new charity called Live Unlimited. The charity’s purpose is to provide Barnet’s 326 looked after children and 216 care leavers with the opportunities and inspiration to follow their dreams. We are the first local authority in London to set up such a charity.

Live Unlimited’s vision is that all children who spend time in our care and care leavers have equal chances to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

The charity will complement the extensive support the council provides to every looked after child, and will fund the sort of additional activities which families might provide for their children outside of school hours. You can read more about the goals and purpose of the charity by visiting the website

Live Unlimited’s pilot scheme is the Imagination Trust, a small individual grants scheme of between £25 and £250 to enable our looked after children and care leavers to explore their passions and interests. The grant could be used to contribute towards something like the cost of a course, pay for football/ballet/music classes, a piece of equipment or a trip to the theatre.

Who can apply

If you are a care leaver or looked after child up to the age of 25 and currently in the care of the London Borough of Barnet, you are eligible. For those who are under 18, applications should be made by a member of your care team on your behalf, or for those who are 18-25 years, applications can be made directly with the support of a member of your care team.

Care Team members are foster parents, guardians, social workers, social work team managers, virtual school case workers, advocates, independent visitors and personal advisors. 

For further information and how to apply please visit the Imagination Trust page. 


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