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BSCP Annual Reports, Independent Scrutiny reports & Business Plans

Our annual reports are published in line with Working Together 2018 and provides an update on our activities and impact over the past year.  Now that Working Together 23 has been published, from September 2024 BSCP will seek to publish its Annual Reports each year in September. 

In the meantime, BSCP is pleased to publish the 2022-23 Annual Report. The Annual Report provides an overview of multi agency safeguarding practice over the period September 2022 - September 2023, key learning and impact upon the local system of practice change and, for the first time, an overview of outcomes as a result of our focus upon shared safeguarding themes of: Safer Sleeping, FGM, Recruitment & Retention and Family Networks. 

BSCP is also pleased to publish its latest independent scrutiny report dated January 2024 . Tasked with scrutinizing the effectiveness of our multi agency safeguarding arrangements, it was outlined by the team of scrutineers that: There are robust partnership arrangements to ensure that children in Barnet are safeguarded and their welfare promoted. Our confident judgement is that the Multi-agency Safeguarding Arrangements for Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership continue to comply with Working Together 2018 and that the partnership is well placed to take forward the changes and new arrangements in Working Together 2023 with minimal disruption. The last year has further consolidated and strengthened the Partnership arrangements, with evidence that key partners have stepped up to their responsibilities in the Partnership and are involved and committed. There continues to be a culture of openness, respectful challenge, and a willingness to learn, which has positively impacted on safeguarding children and families in Barnet. Hearing and acting upon the voice of children and young people is a significant strength in Barnet, which has been further reinforced by the innovative participation of children, young people, and their families.”

Our 2024/25 Business Plan can also be found here which outines our shared safeguarding themes and priorities for the next year. 

Previous Annual Reports can be found here: 

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2022-23 Annual Report 


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