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BSCP's summer 2024 season of learning

BSCP is pleased to provide details of our summer programme of learning. The Partnership’s summer of learning dissemination features reflections from recent safeguarding reviews and is in line with a number of our multi agency priorities this year – if which you can find our more about here . Our multi agency partners will feature prominently in delivery of this learning programme.

Please copy and paste the links below into your calendars  and share with colleagues – they are open to all so please do share. 

Information sharing, professional curiosity, and cultural competency: learning from a recent safeguarding review featuring severe malnourishment ( 3 webinars on offer you only need to attend) 
•    Breakfast webinar – 20/06/24: 8.30-9.30am  Join the meeting now 
•    Lunchtime webinar – 25/06/24: 12-1pm Join the meeting now 
•    Evening webinar – 01/07/24:  6-7pm Join the meeting now 

Breaking the Binary - developing confidence in working with transgender, non-binary and gender querying young people – an overview of contemporary appropriate language 
•    02/07/24: 12pm – 1.30pm Join the meeting now 

BSCP Lunch and Learn Webinar - police responses to safeguarding vulnerable missing and exploited children.
•    10/07/24: 1pm – 2pm Join the meeting now 

Gaming and Extremism - A Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership webinar.
•    17/07/24: 12.30 – 1.30pm Join the meeting now 

Working with and supporting neurodivergent young people and their gender identity - a BSCP webinar ( 3 webinars on offer – only need to attend one)

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