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New Serious Incident Response Protocol

We have published a new Serious Incident Response Protocol for our joint partnership response to incidents of serious young violence involving a young person who is either a victim or perpetrator.

You can find the protocol, which sets out agency actions and the process for review meetings here. Key updates include:

If the serious incident involves a child death, the SIRM will be combined with the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) meeting chaired by the Designated Doctor for Child Deaths . This may take up to 48 hours to arrange; CDOP will take precedence
A Serious Incident Response Meeting will be arranged within 24 hours for all incidents of SV where the victim or suspect is under 25 years and is;

- resident in Barnet
- notification that the young perosn or adult has received a OSMAN notice form the police, even if violence has not occurred.

- the incident is linked to wider criminal or gang activity
-the victim or suspect is known to Children’s Social Care Services inlcuding Onwards & Upwards), Child & Family Early Help Services or Youth Justice Services

*A SIRM will be held for all incidents of SV where there are children living in the victim or suspect household regardless of age.
If the victim and/or suspect is aged 19+ and does not meet any of the above criteria a SIRM will not be held and the MASH will notify the chair of the Adults at Risk Panel

  • SIRMs (Serious Incident Response Meetings) will be undertaken for all children who reside in Barnet up to the ages of 19 and up to 25 if they have care leaver status, open to the 0-25 service or if there are children under the age of 18 residing in the household.
  • If the young person subject to the SIRM is open to children's social care the respective assistant head of service will be responsible for chairing the SIRM. 
  • Key contact list and invitees has been updated. 

In Barnet we have made significant steps in understanding that to effectively safeguard and support young people we must consider the young person in context to their environment, surroundings and local community. When serious incidents occur it not only impacts directly on the young person and their family but also on the local community and grassroots, youth provisions and community groups that the family are part of. 

For more information about working with young people involved in gangs and serious youth violence, please see our webpage


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