The Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership

Barnet Place of Development - POD - platform for accessing multi agency safeguarding training

Barnet POD is THE place to access an incredible array of safeguarding training for multi agency practitioners. It will support you and your organisation's development and understanding of contemporary child protection issues. As a helpful overview of the current multi-agency workforce development programme, ahead of your registration on The POD.  please find an overview here  /assets/1/multi-agency_training_programme_2023-2024.docx

Please refer to our video turtorial below how to set up an account and the user guide pdf below which also contains contact info. We hope you find all our training helpful and applicable to your practice. 

The BSCP provides a series of multi-agency safeguarding learning and development opportunities including core courses and our additional specialised courses, as well as briefing sessions and conferences. A number of our programmes are linked to learning from serious safgeuarding incidents either locally or nationally. For example, incidents of neglect and domestic abuse remain prevalent within the national safeguarding system affecting children for which long term harm upon them is likely. Going further, we have introduced programmes tackling Adultification of children and we have programmes designed to raise awareness and understanding of identifying , assessing and intervention planning for children affected by sexual abuse. 

Training is offered to staff and volunteers who deal with children, young people and/or families within Barnet.

Video tutorial 

User guide on self registration 

User guide on course booking 


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