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Welcome to the BSCP Learning Repository.

Here you will find lots of tools and resources from our sharing of local safeguarding reviews and national thematic reviews. We hope these will help shape and inform your own safeguarding practice.

Below is a webinar exploring learning from local reviews:

Our most recent webinar relates to local learning as well as the launch and introduction of our cultural competency and physical chastisement practice statements:

BSCP cultural competency and physical chastisement statement: 

Review of recent Rapid Reviews where serious harm has occured:

Learning webinar - Local Rapid Reviews, Cultural Comptency and Physical Chastisement

The webinar shares learning in relation to, two separate Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews known as CSPR Family H and CSPR Family J . Both reviews include important safeguarding issues learnt related to Elective Home Education, sexual abuse, bereavement, neglect, domestic violence, coercive control, neglect and physical chastisement. 

  • Sharing learning from Rapid Reviews (which are prior to a more wide ranging CSPR) where we will explore themes such physical abuse, multi-agency working, information sharing and fixed thinking within practice.

The webinar slides from this session are available below: 

Slides Image National Review

BSCP Training Event CAFCASS Private Law, Family Courts

Click below the to access the CAFCASS Slides - If you would more information relating to understanding the role of Cafcass - please contact us via email Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership - BSCP <> and we will support you to access this information.

The role of Cafcass in private law proceedings

BSCP Luch and Learn Webinar the powers of police protection - LIVE recorinding and slides below:

Police Protection Webinar Slides

BSCP - LIVE webinar - support with sharing information including support for Health Practitioners

Training to share or not to share

BSCP has recently conducted a multi-agency audit upon referrals to the MASH following a period of concerted increase in safeguarding referrals as we came out of the winter 2020/21 lockdown. We wished to ascertain the thresholds of the referrals, the quality of them and key causal factors underlying them . A large sample of cases were audited and findings and areas for further improvement are outlined with the 5 minute briefing document . The Learning and Thematic Review Group will further afford challenge and scrutiny as to the embedding of learning in practice. Click the image below for more information - see more.


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