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Early Help for Children & Families

If a child is in immediate danger please call 999

Early help hubs and activities

Barnet Family Services deliver early help across the 0-19 age range. We operate from three geographical areas or ‘hubs’, which enable us to be closer to where families live, and to work more closely with other community-based settings and organisations. Our Children & Families Early Help Operational Protocol lays out our approach to Early Help, model, eligibility and our processes across our offer. 

Early help for children, young people and families

We provide help and support to children, young people and their families from before birth up to the age of 19 (or 25 if they have special educations needs or a disability).

All families face challenges and sometimes need support. Early Help is about providing this support as soon as possible to tackle difficulties for children, young people and families before they become more serious. We work with the whole family and the child is at the centre of all we do.

Every family has strengths and Early Help can work with you to build on these. We can involve a range of professionals that will work together so you only have to give your information once.

What early help and support is available

Together with our partners, we provide a range of services to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of children, young people and families in Barnet.

For example, we can offer support if:

  • you are concerned about your child's behaviour
  • you would like support in developing parenting skills
  • you are worried about your family finances
  • you would like to improve your physical and mental health
  • you or your child want to develop new friends and have new experiences
  • you would like to improve family relationships
  • you are experiencing domestic abuse or parental conflict
  • you are concerned about your child’s involvement in crime or anti-social behaviour
  • you are a carer or your child is a young carer
  • you are worried about your child’s disability or special educational need
  • you are concerned about the effects of drugs or alcohol on the family
  • you need help or advice finding childcare.

We will work together with you and other professionals to ensure that you get the right service at the right time.

Getting early help and support

There are different ways you can get help, depending on what you and your family need.

Some activities you can book on to in advance or just turn up. This is what we call ‘Universal’ services. They include

Universal plus interventions are aimed at children and families, where a multi-agency, Early Help Assessment is not required, but where just a brief number of 1 to 1, group parenting or youth sessions can be offered. The referrals for Universal Plus work can be made by either a professional or by a self-referral via the Universal Plus Form directly to the 0-19 hubs.

When you have a range of needs, it is likely that we may need to work together with other professionals. If this is the case an Early Help request will need to be completed. You can do this yourself or ask a professional to do it on your behalf. This is what we call ‘Targeted Early Help’.

Once we have received a request:

  • you will be contacted to discuss your request
  • an Early Help Assessment may be completed with you. This will usually involve more discussions between you and (if you agree) other members of your family and relevant professionals to think about how you can best be supported
  • this support will be coordinated by a Lead Professional who will be your main point of contact.


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