The Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership

MASH protocol and safeguarding handbook

MASH protocol

Here you can find the Barnet MASH Protocol 2018.

Safeguarding handbook

The Children and Young People’s Safeguarding Handbook has been developed by Barnet Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (BSCP) to assist professionals working within the London Borough of Barnet in navigating the diverse range of services for children and families with support needs.

Barnet is committed to the principle that the most effective way of improving outcomes and life chances for all children, young people and families is through the provision of high quality, accessible universal services. While there are times when specialist expertise is required, most needs for the majority of children can be met in universal settings such as children’s centres, schools and GP surgeries.

This guide provides information as to how the Safeguarding Partnership works together to promote coordinated services delivery for children and families living in the borough.

Our primary aim is that there should be ‘no wrong door’ for seeking additional support for children.

The guide is split into two main sections:

1. Information on the path a child might take through services and how professionals can support this, with a particular focus on safeguarding and education, as well as multi-agency guidance on working with children and families.

2. A reference guide on how to access resources available to support children and young people and families in Barnet.

Our aim is to continually develop and improve the on-line guide, responding to the needs of partners. Therefore if you have any suggestions please do contact the Safeguarding Partnership Business Unit via

We hope you find the guide useful. Please click here for the handbook.


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