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If you are in immediate danger or know another child who is then please call 999

What it is

If you are being bullied it isn't your fault. Bullying can happen to anyone at any age and isn't just restricted to school, it can happen at home, online and in public places. Bullying is when someone or a group of people do or say things that upset you, hurt you and make you feel frightened or bad about yourself. These can include:

  • Calling you names
  • Teasing
  • Speaking about you to other people
  • Hitting and kicking you
  • Taking your money and other things that belong to you
  • Writing things about you on social media
  • Taking friends away
  • Threats and intimidation.

What to do

If this is happening to you or someone you know then you need to tell an adult like a parent or teacher so that they can help you. Being bullied is nothing to be ashamed about and keeping it a secret only protects the bullies, by telling someone you are protecting yourself and stopping it happening to someone else in the future.

Cyber bullying

What it is

This is when someone or a group upset or humiliate you using the internet, online games, email, apps, social media, or text. It is the same as any other form of bullying but you don't always know who is doing it.

What to do

  • If you get any nasty comments or messages take a screen shot immediately and show it to a parent or teacher
  • You can report online bullies by pressing the CEOP button that is on most websites
  • Immediately block anyone who bullies you online. Even if you know the person, if they start being unkind to you then block them and report them to the website
  • Always make sure your profile is safe and you have used the privacy settings so only people you know can see your posts

Below are some good sites and helplines if you need someone to talk to:

Kidscape provide children, families and professionals with advice and information to keep children safe.

ChildLine website or free phone 0800 1111.


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