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The Barnet Safeguarding Children Partnership

Worried about yourself or a friend

If you are in immediate danger or know another child who is then please call 999

If you are worried about yourself, your brother, sister or a friend then it is important to speak to someone you can trust. This person could be your parent(s), your carer, a friend or a teacher at school.

It is good to talk and can help you feel less alone. It is important to remember that sometimes what may be happening to you or another child may mean that they can't keep it a secret and need to tell someone else to make sure that you are kept safe and that what is happening stops.

You can also contact the MASH team. The MASH is a team that are there to help you and make sure that you are protected and get the right help that you need. Where they need to they will share information with other professionals like the police, your doctor and other areas to make sure that you are looked after and protected. This will be discussed with you. You can contact the MASH by phone, email and also face to face.

Email: MASH@barnet.gov.uk

Telephone: 020 8359 4066

Address: 2 Bristol Avenue, Colindale, London NW9 4EW

Walk-in: Children and families can walk in to Barnet Council and ask to see a children's social worker any time Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm.

Abuse is always wrong, and isn't something that is ever your fault or that you deserve, no matter how many times it happens. There can be lots of different types of abuse, and it is your right to be safe and feel safe at all times.

The Childline website has more information on this. You can also call Childline on 0800 1111 and it won't show up on your telephone bill, they also have a confidentiality promise which means that what you tell them will be a secret. You can also talk to them online using the chat system and by email.


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Worried about yourself or a friend


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